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Our most recent auction took place August 12 and 13 in Tampa, Florida. Auctions typically occur once a year. The location varies around the State.

There are currently no auctions scheduled; however, we will post the date and location of our next auction as soon as it is scheduled.

We invite you to search our unclaimed property database: www.FLTreasureHunt.org The database will allow you to search and generate a claim for property you believe may belong to you.

Thank you.

Photos are not available at this time.

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Auction items come from safe deposit boxes in banks and credit unions for which rent has not been paid for three years. Contents are held by the State for another two years, available to claim, before being sold.

If you rent a safe deposit box, inventory the contents on a yearly basis, and also check with the bank to ensure that your address and your account are current.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Auctions

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